What is Truth?

The question of the age. A question asked millenia ago in response to the most iconic figure in history and just as relevant today as it was then. What is truth? Does truth exist? Is it to each his own, everyone making up their own version of subjective, changeable truths based on human desires and prejudices? Or is there a possibility that there is one, absolute and absolutely non-negotiable Truth that we all need to acknowledge and live our lives by? I for one believe there is an Absolute Truth, a line drawn in the sand that is undeniable and unchanging, a view that seems not too popular these days. I also believe there are truths that are frequently buried under barrages of media spins, sensationalism and sell-outs that often go ignored and unsought for, that the public buys at first glance and judgment with no searching to get a second view on the subject and find out what the actual truth may be. Granted, this is a huge generalisation and there may be many exceptions to the rule. I hope you are one of them.

I believe that chasing after Truth should be the biggest priority of our lives. In my opinion, finding out the truth of a matter, exposing lies, revealing truths and searching out for ourselves what Truth is and living by it outweighs everything else in life. Keep digging, reaching, searching for that absolute Truth. It’s worth it.

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